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Welcome to this little family, help us by suggesting new ideas or sharing information about how different your lifestyle is from what you learn on here. Thanks!


This website is mainly developed for people who are interested in Peru. But since there is information in different languages, you can expect to find diverse topics: culture, traditions, arts and literature, history, narrations, etc. Let us find out what «Peru» means.

What inspires me?

Well, I love Peru and all of its features. One day I realised I actually do not know much about this country. So, I started questioning what makes my culture different from others, even though we, Peruvians, are not the same. That is because it is a big country and there is no such thing as one single meaning for it. At the end, I decided to learn more about the aspects no-one usually mentions when talking about the Andes, Lima, Machu Picchu or the Incas.

That is how I began a podcast on 2019. Having the idea to learn with the audience and spread those little details that can make the difference. It is not only about the Incas, the Spanish arrival, or the Quechua language. Those are the most famous features, but that is not it.

I hope you support this idea. If so, let us exchange our points of view! You can help me by sharing your ideas on culture differences, arts, history or even books.

Pablo Alejos Flores.

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